Fountain in the city


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Tatsuya Matsui, Motoi Nakamikawa 
P: Flower Robotics, Inc.
This is a renovation proposal to Guerlain, a high-class cosmetic brand of France, for one of their boutiques. As we had a connection with them because our “Posy” was chosen as a Guerlain’s campaign girl, we participated in the competition. In our proposal, the façade remains just as it was and the first and the second floor are remodeled. We wanted to convey a quiet yet strong message visually and effectively throughout Champs-Elysees. Coming across the best idea, a creator can’t help but follow it. The device was to cover the entire façade with glass and pour water over it, while keeping the façade as it was. The idea represented explicitly Guerlain’s brand concept of perfume and cosmetics that help people moisturize their skin, and it was a proposal to create a fountain at the historical city axis of Champs-Elysees. However, our proposal was not adopted because it was a totally unexpected plan.