CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD:Motoi Nakamikawa D: Motoi Nakamikawa
TC:Motoi Ishibashi, Daito Manabe, Kei Komachiya
S:Eishi Katsura, Rumiko Ito
P:Nacasa & Partners Inc
The exhibition to introduce the total design for Star Flyer was held before the company went into service. It was conducted as part of publicity activities to announce “the airline that is designed.” The space was composed of booths re-presenting seven themes that were considered essential for the design of the airline. Those booths were arranged on a straight line. Sensors were set up in the rear of each booth, and an interactive system was introduced to collect sound and light at the spot where many visitors gathered. Seven themes that Eishi Katsura proposed for those booths are as follows.

1. “Human-ware technology” for hospitality
2. Branding the city
3. Color as information: design as “process of every kind on the side of acceptor”
4. System and rule: promotional mechanism of information theory
5. Mobility: narrative of time and its promotional mechanism of cognitive theory
6. Space design: space as “catalytic mediation device”
7. Communication: to share the design of knowledge that exceeds boundaries