"Inheritance of Tradition and Innovation" Exhibition


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Kanako Homan, Motoi Nakamikawa
D: Kanako Homan, Motoi Nakamikawa
P: Tomonobu Nishimura
CL: Suntory Liquors Limited
This exhibition presents the concepts of 'inheritance of tradition' and 'innovation' that are the common underpinning of Suntory's Japanese single malt whiskey Yamazaki and the robots that support Japan's future. In creating this exhibition, we studied the products in-depth, beginning with the fundamentals of production, to identify these concepts and organize them as exhibits.

The exhibition is divided into the following six general themes.


At first glance, whiskey and robots may seem to have nothing in common. However, these six themes are concepts that factor largely in the manufacture of quality and crafted goods (monozukuri).

Held within the Men's Building of the Isetan Shinjuku Storeā€•a symbol of Japanese men's fashionā€•this exhibition provided yet another indication of the potential of Japanese monozukuri.