Cell Graphy
artworks for science magazine “Cell Technology”


CD: Tasuya Matsui
CCD: Tasuya Matsui
D: Tasuya Matsu, Motoi Nakamikawa
P:Satoshi Yamada (2007 No.9), Shinya Yamanaka (2007 No.5),
Daisuke Watanabe (2003 No.4), Hiroshi Kimura (2002 No.10)
CL: Shujunsha Co.Ltd.
We designed the covers of a monthly science magazine, in which issues of cell biology, molecular genetics, and immunology are discussed as special features. We borrow from researchers the electron photomicrographs and experimental data of the cell featured each month and create artworks from those materials using Photoshop. We sometimes visit their laboratories and join their experiments to compose pictures. Thanks to editors who kindly explained scientists’ theses and reference materials to us, we were able to glimpse the deep world of science in our own interpretation. In this group of works we tried to visually convey those impressions to readers. The number of covers produced for six years has reached 72.