”X-ViZ" Briefcase


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Shohei Kamata
CL: Kokuyo S&T Co, Ltd.
The series of “X-ViZ” is presentation tools are designed to be an advanced and functional addition for any business professional who frequently uses a personal computer. The aim was to create a product design which incorporated ergonomics and style, while being mindful of the user's actions during a presentation. In doing so, we created a device which is easy to use and makes presentations streamlined and more effective.The “X-ViZ “ briefcase is designed for accommodate all of the tools needed for presentations and business meetings, including a personal computer, A4 documents, pens, memo pads, business cards and more. The presentation pointer and IC recorder from the "X-ViZ" line will fit seamlessly into this case. The briefcase offers a fully-opening hinge so that the contents inside are easily and quickly accessible. Also, the handle can be slid behind to transform the briefcase into a clean, modern tray.
This also allows for compatibility with the "X-ViZ' briefcase, designed specially with compartments for these tools.