Aroma Diffuser and Interior Light


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD:Tatsuya Matsui
D: Natsumi Sugiyama
P: Masao Okamoto
The concept of the aroma diffuser is to mimic the qualities of a book and hence, the name ECRIT, meaning "to write" or "to spell out" in French, was chosen. The diffuser features supersonic wave diffusion technology, as well as a simple and intuitive design and user interface. The ECRIT aroma diffuser was designed to be like a book, fitting into any living environment modestly, yet stylishly. The diffuser features a timer with intervals of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, making it suitable for use prior to sleep. Additionally, it incorporates a white LED light that makes the diffuser functional as an interior light, as well. ECRIT tells a different story depending on the aroma oil chosen.