”X-ViZ" IC recorder


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Shohei Kamata
CL: Kokuyo S&T Co, Ltd.
The series of “X-ViZ” is presentation tools are designed to be an advanced and functional addition for any business professional who frequently uses a personal computer. The aim was to create a product design which incorporated ergonomics and style, while being mindful of the user's actions during a presentation. In doing so, we created a device which is easy to use and makes presentations streamlined and more effective. The IC recorder of “X-ViZ “ is a compact recorder that is innovative in function, as well as size, measuring only 80mm length.The recorder makes it possible for intuitive and stress free operation with its simple user interface and large buttons. With the ability to stand upright, the recorder is ideal for use in business situations. The recorder comes with a rechargeable battery and has the ability to transfer data to computers and recharge via USB.. This also allows for compatibility with the "X-ViZ' briefcase, designed specially with compartments for these tools.