Whisky Gift Package


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui, Kanako Homan
D: Kanako Homan
TC: avis Co., Ltd., maruyoshi KK, SINWOO MOLD
P: Masao Okamoto
SUNTORY ”Yamazaki” is Japan’s first whisky and the most popular whisky in Japan today. With its polished and delicate taste, the Japanese single malt whisky is enjoyed by whisky connoisseurs and attracts interest from eminent whisky critics the world over.
We were asked to develop a special edition seasonal package design for the SUNTORY “Yamazaki” 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky. The design of the package is informed not only by the history and spirit of the celebrated Japanese whisky, but also by functional use. The package is designed to transform into a light after it is opened to create an ambient seasonal environment in which to enjoy the fine single malt.
A polycarbonate resin is used to achieve both the needs for the light-permeable light and a protective package for the whisky bottle. To express the delicacy of the whisky, a special processing technique was utilized on the resin cylinder to emphasize the edges of the carton. The pattern that flows around the package is informed by Edokomon (the repetition of highly detailed patterns of dots that form larger designs, which arose in the Edo period and used in fabrics for formal kimonos), which expresses the image of a snowflake.
The detail pattern of the design was successfully etched in the material by the adoption of a special transcription method on a thin material without any gaps in the pattern. Because of the absolute requirement of the pattern is to conceal light, the film transcription process is applied three times.
One may safely enjoy the effects of the light at anytime by using the included LED candle. A silicone cover around the LED candle diffuses light to add an ambient element to the light. Additionally, to prevent any adverse effects to the product, the packaging is finished up in a simply designed seal.
We feel that this package expresses the spirit of technological inquiry and the passion of the craftsman.