Hokuriku Bank Shibuya Branch
Interior design


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui  
D:Motoi Nakamikawa,
Kanako Homan P:Koji Horiuchi 
Hokuriku Bank has a branch office in Shibuya because many of its clients have relations with commercial facilities in this area. Previously the office was on the first floor, but as the bank adopted the policy of providing better services for stable clients, it opened a new office on the second floor. For the space for clients, black was used to emphasize quietness, while the working space was based on white to prompt liveliness. Introducing modern design that had not been seen in Hokuriku Bank up to then, we tried to create an atmosphere of a private bank, the concept of which was not yet familiar in Japan, and a space where the bank can develop a rapport with individual clients as well.