Beauty salon “NEWS HOTEL“ 
Interior design 


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Tatsuya Matsui
P:Keisuke Miyamoto
Aoyama in Tokyo attracts people who are very interested in fashion around the world. This town emanates presence from by-products of entropy into which a diverse sense of beauty is drawn. Aoyama is dotted with more beauty salons than anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, no beauty salon elsewhere in the world provides such quality service and strong individuality as those in Japan. There is their own subculture, because originality and differentiation are indispensable in this sort of competitive business. We received a request to design “a beauty salon like a hotel.” First, we planned to make a spacious reception lobby. We composed the cutting room in white and let light evenly come in so that customersユ faces would be clearly reflected in the mirror. On the contrary, we darkened the shampoo room to relax customers’ eyes and body, and it looked like a spa. After the work was completed, I went to the beauty salon by myself and realized that self-consciousness of those who “have their hair cut at Aoyama” are enhancing the real estate value.