Space design for the presentation of a new Bang & Olufsen product


CD:Matsui Tatsuya
CCD:Motoi Nakamikawa
D:Motoi Nakamikawa
P:Bang & Olufsen Japan
CL:Bang & Olufsen Japan
At the request of Bang & Olufsen, a Scandinavian audio brand that I respect, we designed the space for the presentation of a new product “BeoSound3”.
“BeoSound3” is a portable player that plays the sounds recorded on SD memory cards. As it is integrated with a speaker, the product concept is that many people can enjoy music together as well as an individual. In order to introduce this concept and its identity, we made a plan with an idea of “picnic.” Using a purified shrine space designed for a wedding ceremony in a hotel, we laid turfs for soccer stadium all over the place to create a picnic site. An organic atmosphere peculiar to Northern Europe was created in a typical Japanese space, so that people could enjoy music and wine there. We aimed to provide an experience of the culture of Scandinavia that lies in the background of the product.