TASAKI Timeless Message – Ice Palace


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Motoi Nakamikawa, Kanako Homan, Shohei Kamata
TC: Build Corporation, Cinq-Art, Cenken Corporation,
KOWA Corporation, Rhizomatiks,
Koji Yamami (Kaleidoscope Artist),
Takashi Suzuki (Contemporary Artist),
Shingo Tokihiro (Costume Designer).
We have been appointed to be the Creative Director for “TASAKI Timeless Message – Ice Palace”, an installation of Diamond and Technology which will be starting from 19th August 2011 to 25th September 2011 at TASAKI Ginza store. Diamond, which was found on the planet hundreds of millions of years will integrate with the latest technology and create a fantasy in the heart of Ginza. The installation, which is designed as “Ice Palace” where you enjoy with every senses, was inspired by a keyword “Timeless” from a classic novel of Andersen’s. Along with our robot Palette and U.T.Palette, we have designed a special space where Diamond and audience can interactively connected through the latest and the most sophisticated technology and media art which includes Kaleidoscope using two hundred million yen triple excellent cut diamond (Entrance), Ice Arch (1F) and Icicles of Light (B1F).