The Hong Kong Home of Alfred Dunhill


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Motoi Nakamikawa, Eric Stockand
D: Motoi Nakamikawa, Eric Stockand
P: Shinichi Sato
CL: Richemont Luxury Asia Pacific Ltd.
Dunhill is a prestigious fashion brand originating in London. In 2007, Flower Robotics took part in the development of the Tokyo Home of Alfred Dunhill in Ginza as part of the brand's store expansion.

Like its Ginza counterpart, the Hong Kong Home of Alfred Dunhill, which opened in 2010, is one of only four flagship Alfred Dunhill Home stores in the world. Outfitted with facilities such as restaurants with club-like atmospheres, each Alfred Dunhill Home is designed so that customers can partake in a gentleman's view of the world, as well as find fine clothing.

For Hong Kong, Flower Robotics developed a design based on its reinterpretation of the Dunhill Home store concept. To begin with, we re-envisioned Alfred Dunhill Homes as belonging to one of two different types. The Alfred Dunhill Homes in London and Shanghai are plugged into nineteenth-century mansions that are set back from neighboring commercial establishments. In contrast, the Alfred Dunhill Homes in Tokyo and Hong Kong are in established commercial facilities fronting directly onto commercial districts.

In order to clearly express the masculine tradition of the Dunhill brand without the Victorian architectural form symbolic of 'Old England' used for the Alfred Dunhill Homes in London and Shanghai, Flower Robotics proposed a cube-shaped Alfred Dunhill Home like the black granite Home in Ginza. Situated literally in the 'Central' area of Hong Kong within a huge commercial district, the Hong Kong Home of Alfred Dunhill symbolizes a new Dunhill image.