CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD:Matsui Tatsuya
D: Motoi Nakamikawa, Kanako Homan
CL: Commdesign lnc.

In the future, it is conceivable that all home appliances will be connected through a TV interface within a room in which the bedroom and living room, fully equipped with all of life's necessities, have been connected into one unit, like a hotel suite.

A 9-tsubo (30-m2) house may sound small, but is it really? Just as people establish and develop their own unique lifestyles, alternative outlooks are always possible. To begin with, when viewed as a home for one, far from being small, our 9-Tsubo House has plenty of room to live in considerable comfort. The word 'suite' refers to rooms that have been connected or linked. The meaning of 'hotel suite' refers to a guest room in which a bedroom and living room have been connected into one unit. In modern life, the individual and society are constantly and continuously connected. So are objects and information (hardware and software). We initially conceived of our 9-Tsubo House as a home for one person to live in, and in the design we prioritized securing rest time and ensuring quality information transmission and reception. We are convinced that the creativity of individuals in a peaceful state of mind can make the world a better place.

Architectural overview

Floors: Two stories above ground and one basement-level floor
Structure (main structure): Wooden structure using conventional construction methods
Foundation: Mat
Eave height: 5.37 m
Building height: 5.45 m
Building area: 29.81 m2 (9 tsubo)
Floor area: 64.58 m2

External walls: Acrylic silicone coating
Roof: Acrylic silicone coating
Doors and windows: Aluminum sashes

Flooring: Wood
Walls and ceiling: Acrylic emulsion paint