The new skin care brand for SHISEIDO's China division


CD: Naomi Yamamoto (SHISEIDO Co., Ltd.)
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Tatsuya Matsui, Kanako Homan, Natsumi Sugiyama,
Motoi Nakamikawa
CG: Takuma Hirasawa
P: Masao Okamoto
The Flower Robotics Design Studio was a consultant to the creative design team at SHISEIDO for this project.
SHISEIDO's new "DQ" skin care brand targets women who are concerned about chronic skin troubles as well as those unsatisfied with conventional drug store cosmetics. The "DQ" brand stands for "Dermal Quotient", which is directly related to a formula derived by SHISEIDO through many years of research into customers skin conditions, especially of Asian women. The "Dermal Quotient" is based on the expression, [ DQ = Resistance × Metabolism - Dermal stress ], which signifies a new approach to the science of skin care for women. The brand offers a large variety of high-performance products at a reasonable price range to the contemporary urban Shanghai woman. We and customers common aim thread is "DQ" ,so product win greater persuasive force.
Flower Robotic's concept for the brand, "Into the City" builds an image of the brand as a new advanced skin care line from Tokyo. It is a brand that aims to address the environmental and social stresses on skin from living in the modern Chinese city. Our proposal is one that is modern and futuristic, and expresses the key elements of skin science, comfort and cleanliness. The design project undertaken was comprehensive and included cosmetic bottles, packaging, branding and retail space design. The design process is ground in Flower Robotic's approach to a total overarching conceptual design that can be applied to new items, making the impression of the brand more effective. Flower Robotics' design philosophy departs from Shiseido's approach to design.
While Shiseido focuses first on the package design within a segmented design department, Flower Robotics starts with a more holistic view of the world in an unified process.
Flower Robotics has had a strong history of collaboration with SHISEIDO, a company that we hold in high regard. At present, the SHISEIDO "DQ" line release in China does not feature our brand design.