Developing new sales space for Shiseido Skincare Brand for China


CD:Shiseido Co. Ltd. , Akihiro Yamada
CCD:Motoi Nakamikawa
D:Motoi Nakamikawa
CL:Shiseido Co. Ltd.
Our Design Studio have participated the project as Shiseido’s supporting member to enhance the sales space of their new brand for China, DQ. In aim to re-strengthen the brand, we have reviewed the existing space and redeveloped within the fundamental concept. The project is divided in two phase, “analysis” and “re-formation”. Phase “analysis” was co-developed with the brand’s marketing team where the brand is defined. The existing elements such as colton, tester-stand, rack are reorganized and setup with the most effective location and function. Phase “re-formation” was co-developed with the local operating team and headquarter publicity department. DQ have over 800 stores in China (as of 2011), each one is designed and developed to suit each location’s condition. In any restricted conditions such as very narrow, L-shaped or un-removable racks, the project have achieved to develop regulation to lay out the essence of DQ.