Brand Design of Flower Robotics


CD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Tatsuya Matsui, Motoi Nakamigawa, Hiroyuki Hoshino, Nami Kashimura, Kanako Homan, Shohei Kamata, Natsumi Sugiyama, Takuma Hirasawa
PR: Misato Murakami
Flower Robotics is a robotics company established in 2001. The robots we work on and our business ventures are based upon our corporate vision to have robots become part of people’s everyday life.
We work to create a comprehensive visual identity for the company, encompassing even product design. If robots are to assume a key role in our daily lives, they need to take a form appropriate for daily use, and their functionality must be sufficiently sophisticated to fit into our lifestyles.
All the robots that we have produced have a purpose for existing among humans, and the questions of how to manifest that purpose through good design and how to ensure a smooth-running relationship between robots and their users are the issues at the very heart of robotics design. Both in the home and in the workplace, we can expect to see great development of robotics as a new industrial sector. It falls within the scope of total design to ensure that there are ways in which as many people as possible can contribute to this new industry. By participating in exhibitions, and creating places to meet users who might not otherwise be visible to us, we are working out how we as a company can convey to society our expectations of what robots are capable of, and we are using the methodology of space, product, and communication design in order to generate much positive proof of their potential.