Memory Exhibition "THE Doraemon"


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Tatsuya Matsui, Nami Kashimura
P:Yoshiharu Sasaki
©Fujiko pro, Tatsuya Matsui
This work was made for the contemporary art exhibition “The Doraemon,” to which we were invited as guest artists. “Doraemon” is such a popular manga that everybody nationwide commonly regards it as another kind of reality. That world was reproduced in three dimension. Time machine is a gadget that has won great popularity in the “Doraemon” story. Though it is impossible for us to physically create a time machine, we can communicate with the past and future using our memory and imagination. This space is the reproduction of a room with “Doraemon” on April 8, 1975. (It is a typical room of a boy of an average nuclear family in Japan in the 1970s.) With a special earphone (compact battery-less information terminal), one can hear, by the closet or desk, the sounds of the environment from those days. We can realize, through the embodiment of the past, that life is nothing but strata of memories.