Stock Market Risk Analysis Tool


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD:Atsushi Iida (MONEX Inc), Motoi Nakamikawa
D:Motoi Nakamikawa
TC:Tomoyasu Oya (MONEX Inc)
Our Design Studio have co-developed UI design for Stock Market Risk Analysis Tool “MONEX COMPASSβ” released from MONEX, Inc November 2011. “MONEX COMPASSβ” provides investment information and simulations on holding stock’s risk and return based on the latest computational finance.

The design is developed to be most useful in wide range such as delivering clean and accurate information in general, making simulation on a brand customer select, various command function when buying brands, analysis diagram developed from customer’s score.

The solution for the development was to divide the screen with “Function Tab” on the left and “Scatter Diagram” on the right, the user’s scene is break down to “Selecting Brand” “Simulation Operation” “Viewing Simulation Result” all in the aim to make the design efficient and effective.

The final development and verification was operated by MONEX Inc to ensure this service will not only give information but to deliver intelligence which is the fundamental concept and belief of the brand.