”X-ViZ" Calculator


CD: tatsuya Matsui
D: Shohei Kamata
CL: Kokuyo S&T, Ltd.
The series of “X-ViZ” is presentation tools are designed to be an advanced and functional addition for any business professional who frequently uses a personal computer. The aim was to create a product design which incorporated ergonomics and style, while being mindful of the user's actions during a presentation. In doing so, we created a device which is easy to use and makes presentations streamlined and more effective.
trystrams "X-Viz” Calculator is a new mobile calculator with a simple and slim design which you can operate within your one hand, even when you are standing. It can be placed in your jacket or shirt’s pocket, and it can be smartly used during face-to-face business conversation. Each key’s surface is slightly round which give smart impression and it can also support better usability. Unlike existing calculator, this product has new functions enable to show the previous memory with the current one (like “Ctrl+Z” function), which is very useful and appreciated by the PC generations. This also allows for compatibility with the "X-ViZ' briefcase, designed specially with compartments for these tools.