Experiments on Sound Communication


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D:Motoi Ishibashi, Daito Manabe
TC: Motoi Ishibashi, Daito Manabe
The research and development team working on communication robots at the future Flower Robotics, Inc. is carrying out research into better ways of communication between people and robots through sound and light. The aim of the research is not to reproduce the way of language communication similar to humans.’ It instead aims to discover the way of communication that makes people comfortable and conveys sufficient information to them. Pursuing such a way of communication, we might be able to find a certain system of sound and light organized in order, which is a robots・language, so to speak. So far, in the field of kansei engineering, product design that takes account of human feelings aroused by a single sound or a shade of light has been an issue. The next task for the production of robots is how to make rules in arranging sound and light as a robots’ ”language,” and how to design them in the social context.
How will people respond to a robots’ ”language” and the community supported by it? The team is currently conducting experiments to let people experience it. The system on display was made in cooperation with “DGN,” who specializes in sound and programming.