CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Tatsuya Matsui
D: Tatsuya Matsui, Motoi Nakamikawa, Shohei Kamata
TC: CENKEN Corporation, rhizomatiks co.,ltd.,
NetCOMPASS Corporation, APEX Corporation.
P: Masao Okamoto
Polaris is the name given to this autonomous robot prototype and to the system that it is part of. Polaris has the ability to provide its user with new information through familiarizing itself with the user's lifestyle, a process whereby it collects data, identifies trends, and converts the data into appropriate formats. For example, the robot, which serves both as a cell phone charger and data collector, compiles a database based on information accumulated in the cell phone that pertains to the user's patterns of behavior—information such as the daily number of kilometers walked, calls and email messages sent and received, and transactions conducted over the Internet. Polaris then predicts the user's behavior, and projects relevant advice and other information onto the TV screen, enabling the user to view things on a big screen that cannot be easily viewed on a cell phone, such as feature TV programs and large amounts of data. Continually learning from the data it collects daily, Polaris becomes a consistent source of information. Polaris "grows on you" not only because of its physical charm, but also because of the way its daily data collection causes it to develop its own personality, creating unique movements, sounds, and light patterns. Having initially envisioned "people and robots" and "information and lifestyles" as forming the same environment, Flower Robotics came up with the idea of designing a system based around a cell phone in order to form a connection between these elements. We are developing cell phone concepts jointly with the iida brand of our telecommunications partner KDDI Corporation. As its name implies, Polaris could become the compass that brings direction to our lives as we attempt to navigate the vast, open expanses of today's information-based society.