U.T. (Upper Torso) Palette 


CD:Tatsuya Matsui
CCD: Hiroyuki Hoshino
D: Hiroyuki Hoshino
TC: PRODUCT= SGI Japan, Ltd. Global Engineering,.inc TIETECH Co.,Ltd.
TC: PROTO TYPE= CENKEN Corporation, Tokyo Shimazu
P:Masao Okamoto
As a device for displaying jewerly, the mannuquine-type robot “Palette” was made lightweight. As was the case with “Palette” the goal for developing this ”U.T.” was set simple because the conditions of where it is used, what role it plays, and the client were specific. It is designed one size smaller than a grown-up female proportion, because it is a device to draw attention to jewelry and it suits existing furniture. ”U.T.” begins to move when a provided camera catches a glimpse of a customer coming to the front. It chooses and enacts movements from some motion programs prepared beforehand by calculating the customer’s movements as well as the position of light illuminating the jewelry. The exterior, circuit, and mechanism for mounting “U.T.” have been completed. We are currently developing the intelligent system with an algorithm that will create its original motions through empirical values based on information obtained from the visual sensors. When it grasps the system of its own mechanism and intelligence as information, and makes motions as its output, “U.T.” becomes more concrete as a robot both practically and theoretically.